LRI MS1 Milestones

Milestone title          Project Month Status
M1.1 Kick-off: Kick-off meeting has been held, initial project plan finished 3 (May 2018)   OK!
M4.1 Workshop "Authentication Mechanism" held 5 (July 2018)   OK!
M4.2 Design agreed  7 (September 2018  OK!
M2.1 Analysis/Design Consolidation Workshop held 9 (November 2018)   OK!
M3.1 Workshop "Test preparation" held.  9 (November 2018)   OK!
M5.1 Project Web-site published 9 (November 2018)   OK!
M3.2 Start of actual testing in the test-environment 10 (December 2018  OK!
M4.3 Start of the tests for the authentication mechanism  10 (December 2018)   OK!
M2.2 Analysis/Design document completed 11 (January 2019)   OK!
M3.4 Workshop "Rollout preparation" held.  11 (January 2019)   OK!
M3.3 Completion of testing  12 (February 2019)   OK!
M3.5 Deployment of the national side of the LRI connection in the national production environment 13 (March 2019)   OK!
M4.4 Deployment of the authentication mechanism 13 (March 2019)   OK!
M5.2 Promotional Guides produced and published at the project Web-site. 13 (March 2019)   OK!
M1.2 Project end: Closing Meeting has been held including lessons learned  15 (May 2019)   OK!
M5.3 Dissemination Event held 15 (May 2019)   OK!