Outcomes of the Project

Promotional flyers of the LRI service:

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In German language (pdf, 2 pages, size A4)

In Estonian language (pdf, 2 pages, size A4)


The Primary Final Outcome:

The project LRI MS Connection has resulted in the technically operable land registers' interconnection of the land registers of Austria and Estonia. However the service has not been published by the end of the project. The central LRI service still is under construction as currently it does not provide a payment system, which would be necessary for delivery of the land register data by Estonia and Austria. Newertheless the demo for the prospective service have been published. The development work will be continuing until the full delivery of the service in upcoming years.

See the demo of the LRI service.


The Secondary Final Outcome:

As a second target group of the project, the other Member States will be provided with a sample solution for interconnecting the land registers with the e-Justice portal, and for establishing means to provide access for properly authenticated legal professionals in order they can perform also restricted privileged queries in the partnering Member State’s land register.

the results of the project will support the process of reaching the goal of the European Commission where the property-related information can be acquired from all the Member States in an easier and more effective way as all users can use a one-stop shop at the European e-Justice Portal which offers a single multi-language user-interface for all connected land registers from different Member States.

for full coverage of the project and its outcomes please visit the site of the closing conference of the project: "Land registers interconnected", held in May 2019.