Conference "Land Registers Interconnected" (May 9-10, 2019)

LRI ConferenceConference Presentations (slides and videos)

Thursday, May 9:


10:00 Opening of the conference

Speaker: Mehis Sihvart (Centre of Registers and Information Systems, Estonia)



10:10 Land Registers' Interconnection (LRI) - the Big Picture 

Speakers: Manfred Buric, Mathias Maurer (Project "LRI MS Connection")

Video and presentation slides 


10:20 Envisioned Developments of the Central LRI Platform at the e-Justice portal 

Speaker: Gabriel Sima (DG JUST, European Commission)

Video and presentation slides. See also: 2019-2023 Action Plan European e-Justice

See also the current demo site of the land register interconnection service at the e-Justice Portal.


10:40 Services Developed within the Project "LRI MS Connection"

Speaker: Katri Tammsaar, Mathias Maurer (Project "LRI MS Connection")

Video and presentation slides


11:30 Professional interest groups – users’ perspective of the LRI 

Speaker: Thierry Vachon (Real Estate Working Group, CNUE)

Presentation video


12:00 LRI Search Functionalities and Lessons Learned 

Speaker: Katri Tammsaar (Centre of Registers and Information Systems, Estonia)

Video and presentation slides


14:00 LRI User Authorisation. Findings and Solutions

Speaker: Dietmar Gombotz (Federal Computing Center, Austria)

Video and presentation slides


14:30 Prospectives on the LRI Payment and Authorisation Solutions

Speakers: Gabriel Sima (DG JUST, European Commission) and Mathias Maurer (Federal Computing Center, Austria)

Video and presentation slides


15:15 Parallel Session 1: Discussion on the End-Users' views

Lead by: Katri Tammsaar (RIK, Estonia)

Video and presentation slides 


15:15 Parallel Session 2: Initiating prospective grant proposals. 

Lead by: Mathias Maurer and Georg Garstenauer (Federal Computing Center, Austria)

Presentation slides


Friday, May 10:

10:00 An Overall Vision for Public Service Development in Estonia. 

Speaker: Mehis Sihvart (RIK, Estonia)

Video and presentation slides 


10:20 Innovation in Land Registry Management. Case of Estonia. (Interconnection of registers) 

Speaker: Ingmar Vali (Court Registers Department, RIK, Estonia)

Video and presentation slides 


11:30 Management of the Land Data and the E-Cadastre. 

Speaker: Priit Kuus (Information and Development Department, Land Board, Estonia)

Video and presentation slides 


12:00 E-Business Register. 

Speaker: Ingmar Vali (RIK, Estonia)

Video and presentation slides


13:30 Parallel group discussions for countries interested in further collaboration: 

  • Session 1: Drafting of the new LRI proposal
  • Session 2: Discussion on other collaboration opportunities


Conference Photo Gallery


Conference Venue: Metropol Spa Hotel ****  Conference Centre (Tallinn, Estonia)


The conference was delivered by:

Project „LRI MS Connection“

Centre of Registers and Information Systems, Estonia

Federal Ministry of Constitutional Affairs, Reforms, Deregulation and Justice, Austria

Federal Computing Center, Austria


For more information please contact: Katri Tammsaar ([email protected]Centre of Registers and Information Systems, Estonia)



This conference was funded by the European Union’s Justice Programme (2014-2020).


Rotermann Quarter in Tallinn. Photo by Rasmus Jurkatam.