In 2019, Hungary decided to join the second project for interconnecting the land registers in Europe (LRI MS Connection 2). In addition to the infrastructural benefits, the Hungarian Land Administration benefits from the further achievement of its overall goals. With the participation in the project Hungary can introduce new perspectives in the development of its state IT solutions.
The knowledge transfer from the first two project members Austria and Estonia has reached to the halfway point. The major topics covered in the business analysis so far have been such as user classification, authentication and authorisation and definition of search fields. The course of the work activities also demands that each partnering Member State would be devoted to conduct a detailed study of the current land registry organization in the mentioned topics in the light of preparing for the future connection of national land register systems to the LRI central platform at European e-Justice portal.
Project plans were adapted due to the Corona lockdown situation and travel restrictions. Special arrangements were necessary for the knowledge transfer from the partners of the former Project LRI MS Connection to the new partners joining in the Project LRI MS Connection 2.
The EU Project LRI MS Connection 2 has been kicked-off at the beginning of March 2020. Within the Project Hungary, Latvia, Portugal and Spain will analyze the expected requirements for setting up a land register interconnection with the EU E-Justice Portal. In addition, Latvia is aiming to implement the technical connection to the central LRI system. Project plans needed to be adapted due to the current lockdown situation in Europe.