Connecting Land Registers to e-Justice Portal

Title of the Project: LRI Member State Connection 2 – Connection of additional Member States to the Land Registers Interconnection Platform (LRI MS Connection 2)

Project period: 31 March 2020 - 30 October 2021


Project Activities:

The Project expanded the circle of Member States taking next steps in connecting the national land registers to the European e-Justice Portal.

See the video with a Vision of the European Land Register Interconnection Service (LRI)


Within the project Latvia connected its land register to the LRI service platform.  Hungary, Portugal and Spain undertook a thorough analysis for gaining full understanding of the country-specific conditions to be met before launching the development of the national LRI connection.


The project will provide a greater understanding of the issues and possibilities arising from the increasing number of interconnected national land registers and a systematic understanding of the possibilities to establish a standardised connection between the varieties of different land register information systems across the European Union.

See also  the demo of the service under development.


The Project LRI MS Connection 2 relies on the results achieved by the previous project LRI MS Connection.



        Federal Ministry of Constitutional Affairs, Reforms, Deregulation and JusticeAustrian Federal Computing Center                      Colegio De Registradores De La Propiedad Y Mercantiles De Espana      

  Court Administration          Centre of Registers and Information Systems 


  Prime Minister’s Office           Instituto dos registos e do notariado