Conference: Land Register Interconnection - United in Diversity

Conference 2021: Land Register Interconnection - United in DiversityThe Conference "Land Register Interconnection - United in Diversity" was held on 6 - 7 October 2021 in Madrid by the Spanish Colegio de Registradores.

The conference was presenting the current state of play of the interconnection of national land registers with the central LRI service at the European e-Justice Portal. A special focus was placed on the challenges to unify the diverse land register queries for data from national registers.

Participans could follow the event both online as well as at the conference location in Madrid.


Presentation videos and slides:

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Welcome Note

  • María Emilia Adán García, Dean of the Colegio de Registradores de la Propiedad, Mercantiles y de Bienes Muebles de España - (tbc)
  • María Ángeles Benítez Salas, Head of the European Commission´s Representation in Spain
  • Manfred Buric, Austrian Federal Ministry of Justice


Keynote “Digitalisation of Justice in the EU – Communication from 2nd December 2020: Impacts on Interconnection of Registers”

  • Matthias Tomaszewski, European Commission


LRI Member State Connection 2: State of Play

LRI 2 Project Overview. Sebastian Leitner, Austrian Federal Computing Center

Latvian experience with connecting the National Land Register. Maris Kumerdanks, Court Administration of The Republic of Latvia

Conclusions from the National Gap Analysis:

  • Francisco J. Gimeno, Land Registrar, Spain
  • Filomena Rosa, President Board of Directors IRN, IP, Portugal
  • Dr. Balazs Toth, Prime Minister’s Office, Hungary


National Land Registers – New Developments

Hungary: eING. Dr. Balazs Toth, Prime Minister’s Office, Hungary

Estonian Land Register - Today's Challenges and Progress. Heidi Leppikus, Centre of Registers and Information Systems

Geographically referenced representations and the Spanish Land Register. Jimena Campuzano, Land Registrar, Spain

Portugal: New Cadastre System. Blandina Soares, Member Consulting Board IRN, IP

Latvia: e-Stamp of Certificate of Property; One step process for property owner using Information System; Interconnections. Maris Kumerdanks, Court Administration of The Republic of Latvia

Austria: Citizen Access via JustizOnline. Franziska Lehner, Austrian Federal Computing Center


IMOLA III: State of Play, ELRD:

  • Jesús Camy, ELRA - IMOLA project manager
  • Anabel Fraga, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, IMOLA technical director
  • The implementation of the ELRD in the Spanish Land Registry. Pedro Pernas, Land Registrar, Spain


Interconnecting Judicial Registers – Challenges and Solution Proposals

Vision for the Interconnection of Registers. Matthias Tomaszewski, European Commission

BORIS: State of Play, Authorization, Payment. Gabriel Sima, European Commission

LRI 2 proposal for Authorization of Users and Payment:

A comparison of European user roles and access rights in LRI. Mathias Maurer, Austrian Federal Computing Center

A Vision of Centralised Authorization System in Estonia. Katri Tammsaar, Centre of Registers and Information Systems

Cross-border Search Function for LRI. Gabriel Sima, European Commission


See also the original conference programme


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The conference was organised by the project “LRI MS Connection 2”. For questions please feel free to contact the organization team:

Manfred Buric (
Mathias Maurer (
Sebastian Leitner (
Francisco Javier Gimeno Chocarro (



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