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In March 2020, the Court Administration of Latvia together with the responsible authorities of Austria, Estonia, Spain, Hungary and Portugal commenced the implementation of the project "LRI Member State Connection 2 – Connection of Additional Member States to the Land Registers Interconnection Platform” with the aim to provide centralised access to the information kept on immovable property in these EU Member States. Within the framework of the Project, a standardised interconnection between the national land register of Latvia and the central e-Justice Portal of the European Union will be established.

In Latvia, the State Unified Computerized Land Register was developed already back in 2001, therefore the process related to entering immovable properties and corroboration of property rights in the Land Register was commenced in computerised way. The State Unified Computerized Land Register was synchronised with other nationwide information systems and registers in order to simplify, speed up and rise the quality of adjudication of cases related to immovable properties.

Various electronic services were also rapidly developed to implement one of the core principles of establishment of land registers – the data in the land register is available to everybody. Today, it means that everybody can review information on any immovable property entered in the Land Register by accessing the data transmission system site at:  

During the process of the system development, it became evident that the access to the information on immovable property at the Land Register needs to be available also for the non-residents of Latvia, since they form a significant part of owners of the immovable properties and of persons involved in the respective proceedings. Likewise, it must be taken into account that the interest of non-residents in acquiring immovable property in Latvia has grown lately.

Another significant aspect to consider has been a necessity to facilitate the work of notaries, sworn bailiffs and various public institutions in Latvia in cases, where it is necessary to obtain information on the immovable properties located in the other EU Member States. Within the framework of the Project LRI MS Connection 2, the Court Administration, just like the respective authorities of Austria and Estonia, is planning to establish the two-way connection with the Land Register Interconnection service (LRI), as seen at the demo site of the European e-Justice Portal

Within the framework of the Project, Latvia has performed an analysis of its land register system to assess readiness to provide necessary functionality for the land register interconnection. In parallel, organisational readiness, data quality, legal aspects and technological readiness have been also assessed.

In the following months, Latvia will pilot the technical connection with the e-Justice Platform of the European Commission, in order to commence the testing phase of the related activities of the Project.


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