New Perspectives for the Land Administration in Hungary

Tarnóczy Krisztián István
Photo by Joseph Sun on Unsplash

In the summer of 2019, Hungary decided to join the second project for interconnecting the land registers in Europe (LRI MS Connection 2). The land register in Hungary is one of the oldest registers in the Hungarian public administration. Therefore Hungary treats the development of the domestic registration system as a high priority. The main aim of land administration is to make all the land and property transactions safe, uniform, accessible and simple for everybody.

Before 2010, as a new innovation the TAKARNET24 service was introduced in Hungary. The project aimed at providing a direct online electronic access to land office data for the wide circle of citizens around the clock. As a result of this project, the new electronic data provision system of land administration called LAND OFFICE ONLINE became fully operable.

Another major investment currently related to the Hungary's Property Registration System is the E-Land Registry project. The project is co-funded by the European Social Fund of the European Union and the state budget of Hungary. The project aims to reduce the processing time of land management procedures (e.g. registration, agricultural land protection) and administrative burdens in general. Thereby further increasing the competitiveness of the Hungarian economy.

One of the excellent opportunities rising from the adoption of the new IT system is the possibility to become a partner in the project LRI MS Connection 2. In addition to the infrastructural benefits, Hungary's participation in the project is also important because the results of the project help the Hungarian Land Administration to further achieve its overall goals. Thus, supporting also the realisation of transparent and unequivocal registration of the property ownership and the continuous property turnover in Hungary.

With the above goals in mind, we see the importance of the project LRI MS Connection 2 as the means of gaining further experience in the area as well as to discover new useful initiatives for the further development of the land register. In efficient cooperation with other Member States and the EU institutions involved in the project Hungary can introduce new perspectives in the development of its state IT solutions.