The Mid-Term Review of the Project

Registradores de España
Photo by Tomáš Nožina on Unsplash

In March 2021, we have just crossed the halfway point of the Project "LRI MS Connection 2", and we can report that some very good advances have been made. We are continuously working with enthusiasm towards our final objectives.

Thanks to the great leadership of the Project by our Austrian colleagues, we all meet every three weeks, in video conference mode due to the obvious Coronavirus restrictions. This way the Project is receiving a constant push that keeps it moving in a very good pace.

All the “new” participants - Hungary, Latvia, Portugal and Spain, that is, those who were not participating already in the initial project "LRI MS Connection", which involved Austria and Estonia - have already completed the Status Quo Analysis to examine and describe the current land register system in each of the participant Member States. To facilitate the analysis, Spain, as the leader of the Work Package 2 (Business analysis, solution design and consolidation for LRI requests/responses), and in charge of leading this work, had prepared a common Analysis Document Template, which allows the participants to present the outcomes of the analysis in a similar manner.

Following the initial Status Quo Analysis, the project partners are now involved in the analysis of the technical aspects and conditions concerning the connection of national land register systems to the central land register interconnection (LRI) service at the e-Justice Portal. In the case of Latvia, they will go even further and are aiming to achieve the actual interconnection with Austria and Estonia, who already developed their technical connections to the LRI service during the previous project. For that purpose, other project partners are well supported by these two forerunning countries with their know-how and experience previously gained.

During the analysis conducted in Spain, we have also identified some tasks, which lead us to link the current project LRI MS Connection 2 with other ongoing projects, like IMOLA III (Interoperability Model for Land Registries), and which in our opinion, would be very useful to the overall project aims. This work involves the creation of a comparison and a match between the ELRD (the European Land Register Document) and our national schema of information. The ELRD has been developed by ELRA, the European Land Registries Association, within the previous and ongoing IMOLA projects. It consists of a template for the land register information shared by the different European countries, including also some meta data that can enrich presented information. The advantage of the ELRD model is that it allows to standardize the presentation of land register information throughout the EU and consequently to better and more easily understand it by the other countries. In Spain we are already working on the composition of ELRD information, and we have encouraged our partners to do it as well. Of course, we offer our expertise, and all help we could provide.

With the good progress of the Project, we hope to reach also good results by the end of the project in October 2021. We keep on working wholeheartedly. As a colleague of us likes to repeat, “Team up together!”.