Project Summary

The overall object of the Project LRI MS Connection is to implement the national side of the European Commission's Land Registers Interconnection (LRI) platform and to connect the land registers of Austria and Estonia to the pan-European  land register search engine at the e-Justice portal.

While the search tool will be especially useful for the court professionals in conducting their daily duties, both piloting states will also be implementing respective national authentication tools for professional user authentication, which will be facilitate the performing of authorised queries across the connected land registers of the Member States.

The Project will be initiated with a analysis and design phase, where the component structure and the internal interfaces of the national LRI connection modules  will be designed – including the mapping of LRI requests/responses to/from national queries and search results. The national Web services modules will be developed, tested and deployed to connect the land registers of Austria and Estonia.

As a result of the Project potentially all 500 million European citizens, all companies and professional user groups (e.g. judges, court officials, notaries, lawyers) from all Member States can query the land registers of Estonia and Austria to acquire land property-related information.

The outcomes of the Project will help other Member States to interconnect their own land registers with the European land register search engine at the e-Justice Portal, while also supporting the authentication and authorisation of legal professionals, e.g. court officials, notaries, lawyers and others.


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