The Purpose of the Project

In order to establish operational interconnections to the e-Justice portal, the Project LRI MS Connection will undergo the activities of analysing, designing and implementing the national web services required to establish the connection between the national land registers of Austria and Estonia and the LRI platform at the e-Justice Portal.

In addition to the technical interconnection to the e-Justice Portal there is an additional need to establish a proper and trusted cross-border authentication mechanism for authorising the legal professionals of one Member State (for example, Estonia) before the other Member State (for example Austria) will allow restricted privileged searches like search by person name to identify all properties of a specific person. For data protection reasons these privileged functions are not available for normal users who can search property only for a specific address, a specific parcel number or specific legal entity number and can acquire property related information for a fee.

Restricted privileged searches are only available for properly authenticated legal professionals (e.g. judges, court officials, notaries) who can proof a strong legal interest, e.g.: during the proceedings of an inheritance (succession) case they need the search by name to identify all immovable property of the deceased person. In international succession cases there is even the need to search property across several Member States.

The activities of the project will include the adaptation of the national authentication portal for court professionals in Austria and Estonia in order the LRI platform at the e-Justice Portal can authenticate these users and check their professional capacity with the help of their national authentication portal – in order they will be able to perform restricted functionality available for legal professionals only – based on mutual recognition of the properly authenticated and authorised legal professionals.

As an end result, the project will deliver means for providing legally valid electronic data originating from national land registers to citizens, companies and legal professionals across the borders of the Member States – using a single entry point with a multi-language search interface at the European e-Justice Portal.