Innovative Aspects

For data protection reasons specific land register queries are restricted to privileged users only which need to be authenticated and have a solid legal interest: e.g. judges, court officials or notaries working on a crossborder succession (inheritance) case should be able to perform a search by person name to identify property of a deceased person in the Land Register of another Member State – or even do a pan-European search.

This means the national (or the user-group specific) authentication mechanism needs to be connected to the LRI-platform as well. This will be done by connecting the national authentication portal for court personnel to the LRI platform at the e-Justice Portal.

The established technical solutions for connecting the national land registers to the e-Justice Portal as well as the integration of the national authentication mechanism for specific user groups will also become important sample cases for the other Member States considering the establishment of the Land Register Interconnection to the e-Justice Portal at a late stage.

Palace of Justice, Vienna