Work Packages and Activities of the Project

The Project is structured into the following work-packages and activities:

WP1 Project Management and Coordination (lead: AT)

  • A1.1 Overall management and coordination of the Project
  • A1.2 Financial reporting and activity reporting
  • A1.3 Detailed planning of project activities
  • A1.4 Management of communication (project partners and the Commission)
  • A1.5 Project quality monitoring and risk management


WP2 Business Analysis and Solution Design for LRI Requests/Responses (combined lead: AT + EE)

  • A2.1 Business Analysis and mapping of the LRI Requests to national LRs
  • A2.2 Analysis of the aspects of interconnections (organisational, legal, contractual, tax and financial issues)
  • A2.3 Design of architecture and specification of national LRI components.


WP3 Development, Test and Deployment of national components for LRI Requests/Responses (combined lead: AT + EE)

  • A3.1 Development of the national LRI component.
  • A3.2 Testing of the national LRI components and readiness of the connection.
  • A3.3 Deployment of the LRI connection to the e-Justice portal.


WP4 Adaption of the national Authentication Portal for court professionals (combined lead AT + EE)

  • A4.1 Analysis of SAML flow between LRI at the e-Justice Portal and the national Authentication Portal.
  • A4.2 Design of LRI adaptions in the national Authentication Portal.
  • A4.3 Development, testing and deployment of the LRI adaptions in the national Authentication Portal


WP 5 Publicity and dissemination of deliverables (lead: EE)

  • A5.1 Management of project publicity
  • A5.2 Promotion of deliverables