WP2 Workshop – Analysis and Design Consolidation

Craphic illustration. Photo by Dimitri Popov / Unsplash.com

On September 11th, 2018 the project partners held the second workshop of the Project LRI MS Connection. The focus of the workshop was on the creation of web-services for interlinking the national land registers of Austria and Estonia to the central land register interconnection platform (LRI) at the e-Justice portal (www.e-justice.eu ).

The workshop was hosted by the Centre of Registers and Information Systems, Estonia in Tallinn. Mr. Gabriel Sima, the representative of the European Commission, DG Justice and Consumers, also attended the workshop, together with the project team members from Austria and Estonia.

In the morning session of the workshop Estonia and Austria presented their current status of project activities. See the slides for an overview of the analysis conducted by the Estonian team, presented by Anete Merilin Martmaa (Estonian Centre of Register and Information Systems) and the slides from Austria presented by Johann Kickinger (Federal Ministry of Constitutional Affairs, Reforms, Deregulation and Justice in Austria).

The discussion followed on the possibilities of aligning the search fields of the LRI search forms to the land register data fields in Austria and Estonia. The LRI platform offers an opportunity to search land register data across all interconnected member states, as well as to conduct a search in one specific country only. Katri Tammsaar (Estonian Centre of Register and Information Systems) presented the findings of the Estonian team regarding the user experience of the current LRI interface. See the slides. A number of other issues were also discussed, which need to be analysed further. Such as using language-specific letters in the search fields, or possibilities of narrowing down the search results until the meaningful and usable content is gained.

Mr. Gabriel Sima presented the good news on the development of the LRI platform. The European Commission has delivered a multi-lingual version of the LRI at the contractor's demo site. The project partners were asked to review the German and Estonian translations provided. Regarding the future payment solution of the LRI platform, a contract is being prepared with the prospective payment service provider. See the slides

In the evening sessions the discussion continued with the focus on the possible modifications desired on the LRI user interface, for matching of the user rights to user roles, a need for agreed error handling codes, payment related issues etc.

It was also asked, whether the information delivered via LRI would be intended mainly for the businesses and private persons or for the cross-border delivery of the public sector services. According to the opinion of the project partners the primary target groups within the project are the court officials, and in addition the notaries in Estonia, who need the land register data in solving court cases or succession matters.

The partners also discussed the need for exchanging more detailed user data within the land registers’ interconnection, for properly authenticating and authorising the LRI users. See the slides. This is especially necessary for the delivery of publicly not available data and documents to the court professionals and notaries of the other member states.

Within the course of the workshop a list of open issues was compiled, which will be further discussed via teleconferencing and web-based tools. The next hands-on workshop on the development, testing and deployment of the national components for LRI requests and responses, will be held in Vienna, in the end of November or in the beginning of December.

Project team members in the lobby of RIK. From left to right - from Austria: Manfred Buric, Anna Maria Kompanska, Robert Kleedorfer, Johann Kickinger and from Estonia: Ingmar Vali, Katri Tammsaar, Piret Saartee and Anete Merilin Martmaa.

On the photo: Team members of the LRI MS Connection Project stretching legs at the new lobby of the Estonian Centre of Register and Information Systems, at the end of the hard-working workshop.

From left to right - from Austria: Manfred Buric, Anna Maria Kompanska, Robert Kleedorfer, Johann Kickinger and from Estonia: Ingmar Vali, Katri Tammsaar, Piret Saartee and Anete Merilin Martmaa.