Project's Kick-off Meeting

Presentation of the Agenda of the kick-off meeting

The Project LRI MS Connection had its kick-off meeting on the March 14th, 2018. Dr Martin Schneider, the representative of the project lead partner, the Austrian Ministry of Constitutional Affairs, Reforms, Deregulation and Justice (formerly the Ministry of Justice, MoJ) welcomed warmly the representatives of the other project partner, the Centre of Registers and Information Systems (RIK), Estonia and the invited guest participants of the European Commission and the European Land Registry Association (ELRA).

In fulfilling the project goals the Austrian MoJ is supported by its subcontractor Federal Computing Centre (Bundesrechenzentrum GmbH or BRZ GmbH) including BRZ’s subsidiary LFRZ GmbH for authentication issues. Both organisations were also present at the kick-off meeting.

The project coordinators Mr. Manfred Buric and Mr. Johann Kickinger presented the participants with an overview of the project goals and activities. The major target group of the project results was envisioned to be the professional users who would most likely create the major share of traffic in using the land register interconnection service at the European e-Justice Portal than other groups of potential users.

Mr. Gabriel Sima, the representative of the DG JUST, European Commission and its project Land Register Interconnection (LRI), explained that the e-Justice Portal and the LRI service will rely on national authentication systems in authenticating and authorising of the professional users from each Member State. Therefore connecting the national authentication systems for court professionals and other professional users to the e-Justice Portal would be one of the first issues to be tackled by the project partners during the upcoming months.

A brief discussion was also carried out on the issue of payable services of national land registers. As the expected payment system at the e-Justice Portal is still in the design phase, the project partners were discussing possible approaches to the payment issues. Therefore Mr. Ingmar Vali, the representative of the Estonian partner RIK proposed the idea of providing the land register interconnection services between the government offices free-of-charge as it is currently the general practise in Estonia.

Mr. Mathias Maurer (Austria) delivered an overview on the project administration requirements and informed the participants of the web-based new collaboration tool to be available in a few weeks. The project partners agreed to share their working files and all project information via the web-based collaboration space, which will make the preparation and delivery of project outcomes fare more efficient compared to exchanging e-mails.

In order to clarify the current situation regarding the national land registers, Ms. Piret Saartee (Estonia) and Mr. Robert Kleedorfer (Austria) gave an overview of the policies and technical solutions of the respective partner country’s land registers.

Mr. Peter Pichler and Mr. Dietmar Gombotz (LFRZ) gave an introduction on authentication and authorisation systems used by the Austrian Government sector. In Austria a federated approach has been applied, where each organisation provides its own portal for identity service provision. At the portal the user rights of the government officials are defined for home institution as well as towards other organisations.

Presentation slides:

LRI MS Connection: Project Overview (Austria)

Information on the Land Registers Interconnection. Expert Group Meeting (Gösta Petri)

WP2 Overview: Austrian Land Register System (Austria)

WP2: Land Register System in Estonia (Piret Saartee)

WP4: Authentication System - Existing Systems in AT (Austria)

WP5: Publicity and dissemination of deliverables (Katri Tammsaar)