Matching of the Search Fields

Illustration to the article "Matching of the Search Fields". By William Daigneault /

The LRI platform provides two types of land register data search forms. There is one general search form provided for a simultaneous search across all the interconnected member states. The other search forms may be titled as country-specific search forms, which all allow carrying out a land register data search in a one specific country or in one land register of a country.

In summer months of 2018 Estonia and Austria as the member states of the project LRI MS Connection initiated a detailed analysis for matching data fields of the LRI search forms with the data available in the national land registers. By the month of October, after a more indebt analysis of the data in the national land registers and the matching of the search fields available within the LRI service, a range of issues at technical level were discovered, which appear in case of cross-border services. The project partners needed to ask such questions as: How to define the limitations on search criteria, in order to deliver internationally meaningful and tangible search results? Clearly limited search criteria together with meaningful user instructions would lower the number of otherwise overloaded search results. Therefore also diminishing the need for a repetitious searches in attepmt of narrowing down the delivered search results.

During the months of October and November the development of country-specific search forms was undertaken by both of the project partners. Both member states have decided to go forward with somewhat different country-specific LRI search forms. Therefore the provided search fields at the forms would be also different. For example, the Estonian land register does not include information on the INSPIRE identification code, because such data is managed at the Estonian cadastral information system and not by the land register.  On the other hand, while searching information based on a property owner in Estonia, a unique personal identification code may be used, which will most likely provide the proper search results in the first instance. At the same time in case of Austria, the person's ID code cannot be used as a search criterion.   

In the following months the development of the LRI interconnection services will be launched. The first results for initial testing are expected in December and January 2018. The finalisation of the property search functionality is expected to be carried out by March 2019.