Illustration to the article "Links To IMOLA II And IMLOA I" Photo by Samuel Zeller /

The project LRI MS Connection has links to other international projects. Two of these projects are the ongoing project IMOLA II and the completed project IMOLA I.

On May 31st the 2nd IMOLA II training seminar was held in Tallinn. The persons in each member state appointed as the Contact Points of ERLN (European Land Registry Network) were trained to keep a thesaurus with the metadata to enrich the Land Registers information in order to enhance its understanding and transparency. During the training seminar, Mr. Jesus Camy, the IMOLA Project Manager repeatedly mentioned the project LRI MS Connection as one of the crucial beneficiary of the IMOLA II outcomes.

As part of the IMOLA I project, an electronic template called as the European Land Registry Document (ELRD) was developed by ELRA. The ELRD can be used to display land registry information from any EU country, together with explanatory material in different languages. The ongoing IMOLA II project is aiming to provide an interoperability platform among Land Registers in Europe with a semantic shared repository. The essential elements will be controlled vocabularies as a starting point for achieving the semantic shared repository. The controlled vocabularies will be linked by means of thesaurus, based on the ELRD structure and aligned with ISA core vocabularies to assure their interoperability.

LRI MS Connection project will provide one of the real-life use case for these vocabularies in establishing interconnections between the LRI service at the e-Justice portal, the Austrian land register and the Estonian land register and deliverying the search results in multiple languages.