Connecting Land Registers to e-Justice Portal

Title of the Project: LRI Member State Connection 2 – Connection of additional Member States to the Land Registers Interconnection Platform (LRI MS Connection 2)

Project period: 31 March 2020 - 30 October 2021


Project Activities:

The Project expands the circle of Member States which will take next steps towards in connecting the national land registers to the European e-Justice Portal.

See the demo with a new design of the Land Register Interconnection service (LRI).

Within the project Latvia will connect its land register to the LRI service platform.  Hungary, Portugal and Spain will undertake thorough analysis for gaining a full understanding of the country specific conditions to be met before launching the development of the national LRI connection.

The project will provide a greater understanding of the issues and possibilities arising from the increasing number of interconnected national land registers and a systematic understanding of the possibilities to establish a standardised connection between the varieties of different land register information systems across the European Union.

The Project LRI MS Connection 2 relies on the results achieved by the previous project LRI MS Connection.



        Federal Ministry of Constitutional Affairs, Reforms, Deregulation and JusticeAustrian Federal Computing Center                      Colegio De Registradores De La Propiedad Y Mercantiles De Espana      

  Court Administration          Centre of Registers and Information Systems 


  Prime Minister’s Office           Instituto dos registos e do notariado